Win N Trak Model Railway Group is a non-profit organization, whose aim is to enjoy and promote the hobby of model railroading in "N" scale (1 /160) through the use of the international modular layout concept developed by Ntrak. The international NTRAK concept employs standard track locations in order to allow modules built by members to be joined together to create layouts of various sizes and shapes. A "standard" module is four feet long by two feet wide, and with the standard track locations, it is modeled with a miniature scene done to the owner-member's taste. Win N Trak owns several of the key components, such as the "yard", power sources, and throttles. The yard is an important part of each setup as it allows members to put together and store their trains between runs on the layout. The layout you see takes from 1 to 2 hours to assemble, including the matching and connecting of the modules, the electrical components, and the cleaning and testing of the completed setup. Teardown, at the end of each show, takes up to one hour.

In addition to operating the layout at a variety of shows, we hold monthly meeting on the second Wednesday of every month from September to April, with exception of December. Meeting are held at our clubhouse in the Annex Building the Prairie Dog Central Railway.